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Welcome to Permute IT Pvt. Ltd.

We, Permute IT provide web services to corporate sector, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and even individuals who want to make their own personal website, software or corporate identity.

PHP Technology

We are expansively involved in PHP application development and have proven our metal, through our working style.

What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language to create dynamic, supple and innovative web application and proffers easy customization as it is a popular open source programming language.

Our Experience :
  • Our experience comes through the diversified projects taken up by us, such as:-
  • E-commerce
  • Banking
  • Travels
  • Hospitality
  • Utilities
  • Social Networking and much more.
Why B24 e Solutions?
  • Experienced, with very popular LAMP combination.
  • Utilize JavaScript with PHP to develop dynamically interactive applications
  • Develop Database Dominated application(CMS, CRM, ERP).
  • Use AJAX with PHP for developing web 2.0 driven RIA.
  • Render code implementation from PHP to HTML/XHTML.
  • Experience in PEAR and other open source libraries.
  • Skill in user interface design.
Chief features of PHP
  • Elevated performance, reliability, availability and support.
  • PHP is server-side scripting language and can also work with numerous platforms such as Different Linux based Apache server, Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).
  • It supports Application Migration and porting.
  • It provides Customized web Solutions.
  • Template-based system to present the data separated from the business logic and internal data representation.
  • It supports LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack.
  • Define Scalable and robust architecture for application as it supports OOPs concept.
  • Reduce cost as open source applications are freely available.
  • Compatibility with different database like MySQL, RDBMS. It makes expertise in Custom web application development, Database driven website development, PHP migration, Web services Integration, Quality assessment services.
  • PHP is equipped with a number of open source IDEs to enable easy and incredible programming.